Trans Augrabies MTB Stage race

Gears turning, safety gear on, an extremely technical area ahead…might sound like a construction site- but in this case we are talking about the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage race. -It is easy to see the two worlds connecting. That is why Strauss Meganies got serious about being involved in such a (world connecting) project. Literally.

The Trans Augrabies MTB Stage race is a 3-Day Stage Race that takes riders through the heart of the majestic Green Kalahari, following the unique landscapes that make up the Augrabies Falls National Park. Riders are rewarded with breathtaking scenery and an authentic regional experience.
The organisers of the event started dreaming of crossing the mighty orange, and the team at Strauss Meganies made it a reality by building a cable supported suspension bridge for riders to cross the Mighty Orange.

Strauss Meganies is in the perfect position to be involved in this event, because they operate one of the best-equipped workshops in the Northern Cape, responsible for the maintenance of the different operating plants as well as for a fleet of more than 200 units of earthmoving equipment. Not to mention the well trained, problem solving, innovative engineering team at hand.

The bridge has a span of……. And can carry …. (? Times more than what was needed for the Trans Augrabies)-But that was just some engineers showing off.

The goal is to develop tourism in the area and to invest in our community to motivate healthier lifestyles and a love for our natural surroundings. We hope to see more entries for this exclusive event in 2019!

Bridge Building competition

We are very passionate about our industry. Our biggest dream for future generations is to inherit that same interest. As a company we are very intentional to expose the youth in every interesting way possible. Strauss Meganies is the proud sponsor of the Bridge Building Competition at Upington High School.


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